Scenic Designer Chen-Wei Liao also needs to be recognized for creating such a magnificently sterile and horrifying set.  A veritable vortex of bleached children’s toys represents a sort of cold stillness mocking the representation of play.  Before the play began, so many of its themes became clear.


Liao design places the record label on a lift, creating a variety of environments for the “actors” to circulate the Man in Chair and for him to weave in and out of the imaginary action which explodes across the stage of CMU’s Phillip Chosky Theatre.

Part of what makes this production The Drowsy Chaperone so enjoyable, besides the sheer camp silliness of the musical is the way Dodge seamlessly integrates it all together. The pacing flows from scene to scene, number to number, but never drags.


The set design by Chen-Wei Liao is also very well done. I was particularly impressed and startled by the way the backdrop of chains were used throughout the show, acting as both a divide from the private and the public and literal chains of a holding cell.
                                                                                    - EDITOR, ON STAGE BLOG

But the look and sound of the production were just right. The setting (designed by Chen-Wei Liao), dominated by lines of hanging laundry and a simple but workable fire escape, provided the proper tone, while the enlarged photograph, featured prominently, of the missing father was only partially visible. 


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The Drowsy Chaperone

Directed and Choreographed by Marcia Milgrom Dodge Music Director / Conductor : Thomas W. Douglas Scenic Design : Chen-Wei Liao Lighting Design : Jenna Ferree Robertson Costume Design : Gina Cercone Sound Design : Yiran Zhang PC : Yijun Yang